Donaldson to open new factory in Dune, India

Donaldson to open new factory in Dune, India


Filters and coolant are imported by Thien Phu company from Donaldson factories around the world such as US, Mexico, Austria, India, China, Indonesia, etc.

Donaldson's new factory is over 4,500 square meters, located at Chakan Industrial Park in Pune, India. Mr. Andrew Dahlgren, Vice President of Donaldson Asia Pacific attended and cut the ribbon. Products are expected to be produced at this plant include as follows:

Downflo® Filter Series (Downflo® Oval, Downflo® Evolution and Packaged Downflo® Evolution)
PowerCore® CP filter series (CPV and CPC)
Dalamatic® filter bag series (Dalamatic® Cased and Dalamatic® Insertable)


Up to now, Donaldson has built 50 plants to serve the worldwide distribution of filtration and coolant.

Thien Phu Company is a leading distributor of Donaldson, importing filters and coolant for Vietnam market. This ensures customers always have quick access to products with the latest and most advanced filtration technology from Donaldson.